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The science, craft & adventure of fathering.

The Science

So we know fathers matter, right? The evidence suggests that the more fathers turn up for their kids, meaning the more engaged, empathic and consistent they are, their experience better developmental, educational and health outcomes. Our futures are built on the foundation of strong relationships.

The Craft & Adventure

Our programs are a unique mix of adventure, challenge and informative presentations, which are embedded in an environment that supports a closer relationship between father and child. The adventure challenges provide an opportunity for fathers and children to have fun, work together and connect. While the presentations and discussions allow fathers to reflect, bring clarity to what they value and gain knowledge and skills to test new ways of relating to their children. Fathers and children will return home from the weekend inspired, closer and with some great memories to share – at least that’s what previous dads and kids have told us!

who we are

This is the impact

For fathers

Learn to align to your core values, create an intentional relationship with your son and build the confidence to mentor your son in his attempts to meet the challenges of life.

For sons

Build confidence, independence, resilience, and cultivate the courage to listen to your own voice and pursue what matters most to you.

For mothers

Foster trust in fathers and sons to navigate the challenging transitions from boyhood to adulthood.

For family

Build a constructive family culture where members freely pursue common and individual goals with encouragement and support.

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Father & Son Adventures

Health, Adventure & Connection

Fun programs that dads and sons will love.

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The messy craft of fathering

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