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We strive to build amazing adventures that let fathers and sons develop unique, constructive and meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime.

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Psychology & Science

Integrating the best of modern scientific knowledge for growth, mind-set, self-development, relationships and performance.


This is how we do adventure. Adventure is the willingness to engage in a pursuit with a level of uncertainty. It involves us taking an approach of openness and curiosity, with a willingness to learn and adapt in new experiences.


Wilderness environments impact us. They take us back to the primal beat of the earth and our place in the cycles of nature.

Cultural immersion

When we immerse in a new culture with a sense of adventure, we gain perspective. Old patterns of beliefs and behavior are challenged and we can learn and evolve to a way of living that is fresh, vital and attuned to our modern life.

Connect with our team

father, adventurer, psychologist

Clayton J Kuzma

Clayton has always loved adventure. Since his first trip to the Himalayas, he has returned over 15 times, leading group expeditions and exploring the wilderness, culture and mystery the region has to offer.

Professionally, Clayton has completed a Master of Psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He has worked in community mental health, and private practice with a focus on men’s and young adults mental health and well being. He has been involved in developing and facilitating adventure-based camps for youth and designed and facilitated professional training programs for governmental and non-government organizations.

Clayton now spends his time presenting and facilitating discussions around Australia.

analytics & research advisor

Leigh Wilks

Leigh is passionate about positive social change. Throughout her career, she has designed and evaluated social change projects across commercial, not-for-profit, academic and government organisations. 

Leigh is responsible for evaluating all our programs for impact, enjoyment and change. Part of this process involves researching the latest evidence to make sure we are delivering leading edge programs.

Nepal leader

Hari Bastikoti

Hari loves introducing people to his culture and traditional village life in Nepal. Since Clayton and Hari met in 2004, they have run many programs to advocate for Hari’s community and improve living conditions for many families. 

Hari is responsible for coordinating guides and adventures throughout Nepal. He offers a wealth of information about the Nepalese culture, food, lifestyle and customs. 

The messy craft of fathering

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