the MESSY craft of fathering: live 4 PART WEBINAR SERIES


4 week program (1 hr per session)

Starts Tue 11th June, ends Tue 2nd July.

Time: 7.30 - 8.30 Tuesday nights.


Presentation and discussion

Practical tools

Real life examples

Skills that you can 'take home'

Focus on

Building relationship

resolving conflict

Setting boundaries and consequences

Effective communication

2019 Dates

Starts Tuesday night June 11th 7.30 -8.30pm.

Other dates TBA

INFORMATIVE DISCUSSIONS. Provide fathers with new perspectives, knowledge and skills to connect with his son, and support his son transition through developmental milestones in childhood, adolescence and young adulthood.

THE IMPORTANCE OF FATHERS. Learn about just how much fathers matter to their children’s development and success later in life.

PRACTICAL SKILLS. Learn practical skills that will help you communicate better, resolve conflicts, set effective boundaries and consequences and engaged better with your kids.

REAL LIFE EXAMPLES. Learn from real life examples how you can apply the skills in everyday life and interactions with your kids.

YOUR IMPACT ON YOUR KIDS. We know that the more fathers turn up for their kids, meaning the more engaged, empathic and consistent they are, the better developmental, educational and health outcomes our kids experience. That means dad’s you have a unique impact on your kids’ life.

The Craft of Fathering

Research has shown that fathers impact their son’s development in a unique way. Fathers that are engaged, empathic and consistent positively impact their kids developmental, health and educational outcomes.

Listen to Clayton on ABC radio

We get it... It is a little bit messy, our kids did not come with a handbook, but hey we do our best. Clayton speaks with Jon Coghill about fathering and men's stuff. (Conversation begins at around 1hr 20minutes).

Meet Clayton (facilitator)

Clayton is a registered psychologist having completed a Master of Professional Psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast and Bachelor of Psychology and Griffith University. Clayton works in private practice with men’s, with a focus on health and wellbeing, relationships and parenting skills. Clayton also facilitates his courses and webinar ‘The Messy Craft of Fathering’ and also speaks on ABC radio Sunshine Coast on Saturday mornings all things men and fathering.

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Payment by direct deposit

Live online program

4 weeks
  • Gain practical skills
  • Improve relationships
  • improve conflict resolution
  • Learn effective consequnces
  • Facilitaed by psychologist

The messy craft of fathering

We get it... It is a little bit messy, our kids did not come with a handbook, but hey we do our best. Sign up and receive fortnightly inspiration, tips and laughs about fathering. Plus a little on upcoming events.

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